Victoria Road, London

Boden House, London

We had the pleasure of supporting Boden in the refurbishment of Levels 3 & 4 Boden House. 

Designed by Spacelab Architects, the project centred around two workstreams (WS): 

WS1 (Level 4) involved the creation of new photographic studios, livestream room and re-touch workspace. Previously an outsourced function, the new dedicated studio space allows Boden to take full in-house control of all future website and catalogue photography. 

WS2 (Level 3) involved delivering a new design archive. With support from Informu Solutions, this new dedicated archive space allows Boden to catalogue, store and fully manage an extensive collection of over 18,000 fabric samples and accessories.

Northcote provided project management, contract administration and cost management services.

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